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What is defamation law? 

Defamation occurs when a statement is made that tends to diminish someone’s reputation and may also subject them to hatred and ridicule through libel or slander.  If you have been subject to slanderous, libellous or defamatory comments in print or online, you should contact Boutique Defamation Lawyers straight away. Allowing a problem to fester can seriously impact your reputation and significantly damage your future income and career prospects.

Now that search engines, social media and networking sites are part of everyday life, defamatory comments can take a life on their own and have the capacity to spend far and wide, well beyond the intended initial target. Failure to act quickly increase the potential for damage.  Stopping any defamation and repairing any damage to your reputation is essential.

Words are the source of misunderstanding and can significantly damage your income and standing


If you have been accused of making defaming comments or in posts online it pays to seek professional legal advice from Patrick & Associates promptly. Not responding in an appropriate time frame can have equally serious consequences.  If you have concerns contact us for professional advice.

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