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Domain Name Disputes


Securing and protecting a domain name that accurately represents your business is one of the cornerstones of a secure and successful digital platform.

Fortunately, the mechanisms that govern domain name disputes make it a relatively straightforward operation with straightforward enforcement options.

Patrick & Associates has extensive experience
in domain name disputes

If you think that you have a valid claim to a domain name on the basis that the owner of it has deliberately deprived you of registering that domain, the first step is to gather all the relevant evidence to establish that your mark was established and well known prior to the perpetrator registering the domain for itself.  

The key to success in a domain name dispute is to obtain evidence that the protected mark was established by the time the cybersquatter registered the domain name, and that the domain name was registered in bad faith.  

The recent release of additional domains has made it is easier for businesses to register a relevant domain in its jurisdiction.   For example the “.legal” and “.bus” domains give credibility to a new business.  These options should be considered prior to commencing litigation unless there is an obvious and deliberate attempt to divert customers away using similar branding and livery.


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