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Our team has a very deep understanding of the issues facing insurance policies and claims.  Ben Patrick has spent his career taking on insurance companies in a wide variety of situations.  We can attack any insurance problem with experience from both the perspective of the insured and the insurer.  

We have the knowledge and experience to act for clients with needs related to:

  • Claims lodgement and assessment
  • Coverage and indemnity disputes
  • Policy interpretation
  • Fraud investigation
  • Adequacy of advice from insurance brokers
  • Defending recovery actions
  • Double insurance situations
  • Operation of deductibles and excesses
  • Allegations against co-insureds
  • Documenting settlements and preserving rights

If you have a potential insurance claim that you need advice about, we suggest that you follow the following process:

→ Gather all the relevant documents
  • Emails
  • Letters
  • Proposal
  • Policy wording(s)
  • Policy schedule
  • Renewal documents
→ Prepare a chronology

This will help to get your account of events in order and make briefing a lawyer a good deal more efficient

→ Arrange a discussion with Patrick & Associates as early as you are able

Evidence or information gathering can never start too soon.  Something that may not appear important to you may be critical in assisting your lawyers.

→ If you used an insurance broker, notify them that you have a problem 

Depending on the identity of the broker and the type of policy in question, the broker may be an effective advocate for you with the insurer.  If the broker generates considerable income for the insurer by recommending the insurer’s policies to its clients, the broker may be able to use its influence with the insurer to help you.

If there are consequential losses arising from the insurance dispute, take steps to reduce or mitigate those losses 

If even if you are ultimately successful either in the courts or by a negotiated settlement, the law recognises the idea of mitigating or reducing your losses, as far as possible.  This simply means even as an innocent party you have to take reasonable steps to avoid increasing your losses.


Cases that we have been involved in include:

  • Business insurance claims for damaged stock
  • Builders’ warranty insurance claims
  • Professional negligence insurance
  • Medical negligence claims
  • Directors and officers policies
  • Property insurance, including contamination claims

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