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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a cornerstone of many businesses

The creation of valuable intellectual capital such as written content, photographs and software takes hard work, but is easily copied. 

If you think that your work has been infringed, the first step is to obtain evidence of the creation of your work.  This will include copies of the original source code, photographs or written material that establishes that you created it and when this was done.

We act for a large number of content creators who need to protect their work.  We have been particular successful in protecting the creators of software and photographers where their work has been illegitimately copied and used.

Once we have this material we will then be in a position to obtain the necessary relief against the person engaged in the infringement.

The protection of trademarks is an equally important element of intellectual property work.  The proper registration and the use of trademarks requires a specialist with broad experience.   We have acted in a large number of trademark disputes both for the person who has registered the mark as well as the person accused of infringing.  

If your mark has been infringed, it is critical that you seek advice promptly to ensure that you can protect your position and obtain the maximum compensation for the longest duration.

Our experienced IP litigation team will advise you in relation to the swift and efficient resolution of trademark litigation, including:

  • Prosecuting and defending trademark infringements
  • Commencing court proceedings including urgent injunctions and freezing orders
  • Bringing proceedings for misleading and deceptive conduct or passing off
  • Prosecuting and defending trademark revocation proceedings
  • Recommending alternative strategies for mediation and dispute resolution processes.

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