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Professional Negligence

Claims against professional advisers are often complex pieces of litigation.   Professional advisers are inevitably insured and as a result the defence of a proceeding can be well resourced and obstinate.

The first steps in commencing such proceedings are critical.   We have a great deal of experience in recovering funds from professionals in a broad range of industries including:

  1. Building professionals such as architects, builder surveyors and engineers
  2. Accountants and auditors
  3. Lawyers, including solicitors and barristers
  4. Financial advisers

During his career, Ben Patrick has acted for both the insurer and the insured in professional indemnity claims.  This gives him tremendous insight into the way that insurers conduct matters, and the way to maximise recovery of funds.  Justin Griffin has also worked extensively in the insurance industry, acting for insurers for over 30 years.

This team gives tremendous insight into how claims should be structured to ensure that recovery is done as quickly as possible in the most cost-effective way.  

Likewise, for those professionals who need advice on claims against them, we have acted for insurers in a number of instances and can advise you on both indemnity under your insurance policies and on potential merit of any claim.

In the event of such a situation, you should first contact your insurance broker to identify whether your policy responds.  In the event of any issue with coverage, contact us immediately to ensure that your rights under the policy are not adversely effected.

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