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Shareholders or Partnership Disputes

Breaking up is never easy

A dispute between shareholders or partners often quite clearly demonstrates this to be the case.

Disputes between people in business together is a frequent occurrence in commercial life.  The causes may be numerous; someone wants to exit the business, someone wants more than their fair share of the business; or the business of the business is just not working.  Whatever the case, shareholder or partnership disputes are frequently disruptive, expensive and often quite personal. 

Patrick & Associates can assist you or your business in the event of a dispute of this nature, including but not limited to:

  • Providing advice on the operation of a shareholders or partnership agreement
  • Facilitating a mediation in an attempt to resolve the issues in dispute
  • Engaging third parties where necessary, including accountants, forensic IT specialists or liquidators
  • Acting in legal proceedings on behalf of shareholders or the company.

If you or your business experience internal difficulties, it pays to seek prompt advice in order to understanding your rights in the event of a dispute.  Sometimes being the person to take the first step can give you a tremendous advantage, or sometimes you need to take steps to protect your position.  Either way, it pays to have someone in your corner who has been through the process before.  Patrick & Associates has significant experience in disputes of this nature and we can assist in the event of a break up.

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