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White Collar Crime

Have you been a victim of fraud?  Have you been hacked and had money taken from your account?

If so, you must act quickly and obtain legal advice immediately. Prior to contacting the perpetrator, you may be able to obtain freezing orders where all of the assets of the wrongdoer are frozen.  This gives you a great deal of leverage to resolve the dispute and recover whatever assets remain.

Alternatively, it may be more appropriate to contact the police and report the crime so the matter can be progressed through prosecution.  

If money has been taken from your bank account, it may be better to deal with the bank.

Before you report fraud to the police, you should consider all of the options available to you, as police prosecutions can often be painstaking and uncertain. 

Defence of claims

We also act for those who have been accused of white collar crime, including some of the most high profile corporate prosecutions in Australia, defending directors and employees accused of cartel conduct and breaches of directors duties.

Recovery of funds

Patrick & Associates is highly experienced in the recovery of money obtained fraudulently and can assist you with any of the following:

  • Providing you with legally privileged and confidential face to face advice;
  • Commencing court proceedings;
  • Representing you in court, tribunal or inquiry;
  • Negotiating a positive resolution with the wrongdoer.

If you think you may need any of the above, we strongly suggest that you contact us immediately to arrange an appointment.   Should this be necessary, we suggest that you obtain all of the relevant documents so that we can consider them as part of our first meeting.

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